Other weapons which don't fit in other catagories, (e.g. melee)

Gunblades (Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII)


Squall is an expert with the Gunblade, a sword with a revolver or automatic pistol (Seifer's Hyperion) built into the handle. While in battle, the gun can be used to inflict more damage than a standard attack. To do this, pull the trigger at the moment the sword strikes. In addition to increased strength, different gunblades allow Squall to perform different Limit Breaks.

Following are the Weapons monthly magazines text on each weapon


This time, we introduce a basic weapon. The gunblade's original model is this Revolver. What it lacks in power, it more than makes up for with its reliability.

Shear Trigger

An improvement in power over the Revolver, Shear Trigger uses the same blade as the Revolver, but the gun aspect is now more powerful.

Cutting Trigger

This Cutting Trigger is the latest model of gunblade, made by replacing the blade of the Revolver with the powerful Cutting Sword.

Flame Saber

The Flame Saber got its name from its red blade. This gunblade is very similar to the Shear Trigger. The only difference is that it has the Cutting Trigger's handle.

Twin Lance

The Twin Lance is a gunblade forged with two blades. The two blades work synergistically to inflict severe damage. The only drawback is its heavy weight.


The Punishment looks almost identical to the Twin Lance, but it is lighter and more powerful. The only gunblade more powerful than this is the Lionheart.


Of all gunblades (a sword-gun weapon), the finest model is the Lionheart. It requires rare items to be remodeled to its highest quality. Good luck!

Lightsabers (Jedi and Sith, Star Wars movies)

Internal view of a lightsaber

Lightsaber of Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus)

Luke Skywalkers inherited lightsaber

Luke Skywalkers self-made lightsaber

All lightsabers are constructed primary the same as far as the basics. Lightsabers have a main power core, crystals for channeling/focusing and a cpu (central processing unit). Don't let the short list of parts fool you. A seasoned Jedi can take up to a month to construct his/her lightsaber. However in an emergency, a lightsaber can be constructed in a few days.

The power cores are specially designed to charge/recharge on its own energy. The energy reaction is re-fed into the lightsaber while the blade is activated. Otherwise it only expels energy when it comes into contact with objects. Some design their saber with an auxiliary power core. This will help the unit to recharge after use or prolong its usage. However, lightsabers can be depleted to a point where it is necessary to recharge using an external source. Because of the extreme power needed for such a weapon to be used, the core is usually heavily shielded.

The primary crystal chamber is where the power source is first unleashed. Here the raw energy passes through very rare Adegan crystals. Crystals with properties favorable to constructing an efficient lightsaber and cannot be found in any other crystal nor can be produced artificially. Adega is such a far remote world that on the ice-world of Ilum, Jedi have established a hidden cavern where they are grown. Even though the crystals can be taken and assembled to a lightsaber elsewhere, they complete construction in the caverns for the full experience. It has come to light receintly that the Sith have found ways of manufacturing crystals for their lightsabers. This explains why their lightsaber blade color is red. It is also here where an optional biogenic compound can be added. This is an organic compound that is teaming with midichlorians. It is using this even rarer material that the lightsaber can become apart of the Living Force. Some say it aids Jedi while using their saber. It has been described that the lightsaber can feel alive. In a way it is, through the Force sensitive user.

The enhanced energy now passes through a negatively charged magnetic coiled shaft, organizing the particles into a linear stream. From there they either tap through a focus pin or through another set of polished lenses next to a positively charged magnetic ring. It is from here the blade is exposed. The energy travels up the projected length of the blade and back down through, traversing its way back to the core.

The blade can be a fixed length, usually 36", or with added lenses and controls, can be adjustable to a few inches. The width of the blade can also be affected by intensity controls. Activation buttons or switches are typically exposed on the outer skin of the lightsaber. On occasion, some have either a concealed touch plate that can recognize only its owner or the switch is internal. This type of internal switch is activated by sheer will of the Force user making it impossible for any others to use.

Jedi carry their lightsabers however it suits them best. The most common way is using the covertec button clip. "D" rings are the second most common. Some may opt to use a looped leather strap. Very rarely will you see a Jedi "tuck" their saber in their belt or boot. Some have cleverly concealed them up their sleeves or in a companion droid.

Dante's swords (and other)(Force edge/Alastor/Irfit/Sparda, Devil may cry)


Force Edge - This is the default sword of the game. It is weak, but it is essentially better than nothing. It was used to defeat Mundus though, storywise. It's true power is sealed currently. It's actual name is Sparda.

Alastor - This is a powerful sword Dante will use throughout the game. You can acquire different strengths for the sword throughout the missions, using the Red Orbs to purchase them. It is faster than the other weapons, and it has the lightning element to it. I prefer this weapon above all other devil arms. Dante can do a normal 3 hit combo, or if you wait a split second on the last hit, a 5 hit combo, adding to quick upper strokes. If you wait a full second on the last hit, Dante will do a multi stab combo instead of his final slash. If you keep pressing the button he can do up to 7 or 8 hits just stabbing!

In Dante Must Die mode, the Devil Mode of Alastor is not used except on rare occasions when you need to use Air Raid. Overall, just know the fighting technique with Alastor. The typical attack is slash-slash-slash. This is not the optimal attack however. If you wait after the second Slash, you will get different moves. Now, if you wait too long, you will get the slash-slash-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab, which is not what we want either. Many enemies will take the overly long pause to block the stabs, and besides it's harder to add a finisher on the end of that. The best combination is the infamous slash-slash-slash-slash-finisher. After the first two slashes, pause for a half second, then slash twice again, in which Dante will reverse his stance to swing upwards twice, quickly. Then you get to pick the finisher.

Just hitting Circle again will do a heavy downward slash. This is kind of boring, so throw a Stinger on as the finisher. That probably does the most damage, but the problem is that if the enemy is not dead, it throws them far away, far enough to recover and attack. My favorite finisher is the High Time. After the two quick upper slashes, do the High time upwards slash, but not the jump. Unless you are fighting a boss, the enemy will go skywards, and you can now juggle them to death with Ebony and Ivory. A note on jump attacks; don't use them.

Overall Alastor is very weak when attacking in the air, because Dante goes straight down. The range is pitiful. Only use it on bosses. Besides that, Alastor's only other plus is Air Hike. This double jump ability is great for evading most anything, and is the only reason I can see to use Alastor.

Ifrit - Ifrit are the fighting gloves Dante uses, that are fire imbued. Some people prefer these, but I can't get used to the slower speed. The difference between these and Alastor, besides the obvious, is that these are much slower, always do a 4 hit combo, and can charge each hit. If you hold the button, Dante's hand/foot will begin to burn, indicating more power. You can take out Marionettes by the score like this, but I still prefer Alastor. Mainly, I will only utilize this weapon against larger bosses that only give you short opportunities for damage. The one major pro of Ifrit gloves is Inferno. It will lay down insane amounts of damage in a short time.

In case you really like these gloves, the combo set up is punch-punch-kick-kick. Dante will do a short charge before each punch, so he has some range. You can substitute either the fire uppercut or Kick 13 for a finisher, but it doesn't matter much. Another major pro of Ifrit gloves is the air. The Rolling Blaze renders Dante a weapon while jumping, and the jump kick will move horizontally as well as vertically in the air, homing towards the enemy. This is great against some monsters.

Sparda - This gigantic sword is Dante's and his father's most powerful weapon. It resembles something Cloud might use in FF7. It is much more powerful than either Ifrit or Alastor, and it's speed is great. It will change forms depending upon what you do. If you do Stinger, it will turn itself into a spear, and lengthen itself at the last second to do 2 hits instead of one. If you do Round Trip it will turn into a scythe.

Can't say much about Sparda. It is a hella cool looking sword. We will be using it often on bosses, as it is basically Alastor without the Devil mode, that does probably double damage, making up for the no Devil mode. It also has a greater range, and a cooler sword throw. Use the same combos as listed for Alastor. Note that when you can use it in Devil Trigger on the last mission, Sparda's Stinger reaches halfway across the screen (about the length Dante travels with a Stinger).
(text stolen from some guide on IGN)

The Bride's Hanzo Sword (The Bride/Uma Thurman, Kill Bill)

The Katana the bride used was forged by the legendary sword smith, the man from Okinawa, Hattori Hanzo, for one purpose, Revenge.

Hanzo swords are legendary for their properties, and this is the most Powerful of all of them, it takes the lives of most of O-ren Ishii's Crazy 88, as well as O-ren herself. Hanzo himself said that if the Bride should encouter God on her journey, he would be cut by it, it certainly has little difficulty cutting through the blades and bodies of the Crazy 88.
Hanzo also made swords for Bill and his brother Budd.

Algren's sword (Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai)

A relatively ordinary sword made by the smith in Katsumoto's village for Captain Nathan Algren and given to him shortly before the final battle.
Inscribed on it is:

"I belong to the Warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"

The Final resting place for this sword as far as we know is the middle of Colonel Bagley's chest (bastard deserved it)

Soul Edge (Nightmare, Soul Calibur)

Known by many legends, sometimes as the sword of slavation, sometimes as pure evil, Soul Edge is a cursed sword that devours men's souls and controls the one who wields it.
It is an object best regarded with fear. Currently it's power has been weakened as a result of a great many battles, but it remains a terrible force. Siegfried, after taking the sword from Cervantes, was taken over by the sword and turned into Nightmare.

Soul Calibur (Xianghua/(Talim/Siegfried, Soul Calibur)

A spirit sword that has fought countless battles against soul edge behind the scenes of history, unbeknownst to man. It reacts to those who are pure of heart and gives the wielder the power to counter darkness. Similar to Soul edge it can change shape, unlike Soul edge it heals it's user's wounds and fill him or her with strength in battle.

The Master Sword Link (Legend of Zelda)

Forged by the most talented blacksmiths of Hyrule, these masters of the metal trade created the ultimate evil destroying weapon: The legendary Master Sword, Also called the sword of evil's bane. The powerful sword of the Hero of Time, Link. This holy sword makes apperances throughout the "Legend of Zelda" video game series, and is often Link's most powerful weapon, and the only weapon that can harm the final boss. The Master Sword takes a slightly different appearance in each series, and this version is the Master Sword that appears in "The Ocarina of Time" for the N64. There is an engraving of the Triforce on the blade, towards the hilt.

Cervantes' weapons (Cervantes De Leon, Soul Calibur)


Legendary twin swords. Those who grip these weapons find their hearts rendered blank, unable to remember even who they are. They have acted as the final trap that put an end to many a quest. Those who wield this weapon are said to unleash its power by burning away their own lives.

A personal favorite of Monkey Man


An ancient sword dug out of the permafrost. It is always cold and causes freezing burns to those it wounds. Because of its constant low temperature droplets of water appear on the surface of the blade and fall to the ground like tears, giving it the name "Crying sword". As one would expect from its cold temperament, it is unaffected by the state of the wielder heart. (bet Cervantes dosen't notice.

A personal favorite of mine

Yoshimitsu (Yoshimitsu, Soul Calibur/Tekken)

A special Japanese sword created using techniques passed down within the Manji clan. Since the clan was destroyed it has become the last sword of its kind. It is now tainted with the power of soul edge and has become a demonic sword, but Yoshimitsu still prefers it over other weapons (possibly because it has a habit of speaking to him and all that wandering can get lonely)