Anime Firearms

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The Major, Ghost in the Shell (Movie)
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Desert Punk's Shotgun, Desert Punk
Desert Punk's M40A1, Desert Punk

Jericho 941 (Spike Spiegel, of Cowboy Bebop)

A replica, note the custom grip

The Jericho 941 pistol, in 9mm, is the weapon favoured by everyone's favorite bounty hunter, Spike.
The real Jericho 941 is produced by Israli Military industries (IMI) creators of the desert eagle,
however the model Spike wields is made by "Posidon military industries" who don't exist (yet)
The Jerico 941 is more commonly known in the U.S.A as the baby eagle and is imported by magnum research, who make the infamous desert eagle

Mechanically the Jericho 941 is a double action 9mm based on the CZ-75
it has no firing pin safety, so may fire inadvertantly when dropped,
users report that it is comfortable and reliable, in basic 9mm form it costs $500 from magnum research
Also available in .40S&W, and .45ACP (compact version only)

Glock 30 (.45ACP) (Faye Valentine, of Cowboy Bebop)

Glock 30 compact in .45ACP

Gratuitous picture of Faye drawing her weapon, (What is with women and concealing guns in hot pants and bras

Faye uses a Glock 30, just one in a long line of Glock pistols. Glock pistols are instantly recognizable due to their distinct shape and polymer construction. The Glock 30 is a chambered for the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) round, a rather suprising choice because the .45 ACP has been around for almost a century now and in the year 2071, it would be more than 160 years old.
Presumably Faye chose the weapon because of the renowned reputation of the .45 caliber round as a man stopper and because the pistol is light and compact (It certainly has to be when it has to fit into her jacket, or if she isn't wearing the jacket, then the hot pants).

The Glock uses the patented "Safe action" which is a cross between single action and double action only. The firing pin, after cocking, is always halfway charged, when the trigger is pulled it moves the pin all the way back, then forward to fire the cartridge.

While this offers a lighter trigger pull than a DAO gun, and no chance of misfire in case of dropping, unlike a DA or DAO gun, misfired bullets cannot be re-struck, because the gun has to be cocked again by the bullet firing.

Vincent's Strayer Voigt Infinity (Vincent Volaju, from the Cowboy Bebop Movie)

Strayer Voigt Slab-sided in 6inch barrel

Strayer Voigt Slab-sided

Hasta la Vista, Baby

Vincent Volaju uses a customised Colt 1911 by Strayer voigt Inc. (most likely in 9mm, as I will explain)
Click here for the offical strayer Voigt Website
The standard High capacity double stack SVI magazine carries 19 rounds of 9mm, extended (14mm greater in length) and long up to 26 rounds of 9mm (44mm longer than standard)
Which explains why he is able to unload so much ammo at Spike in the monorail fight in scene 17.

Otherwise all 1911 technical information applies here too, except with the quality of the manufacturer, its much more reliable

Vash's gun (Vash and Knives, Trigun)

Vash's Gun is an inverted barrel (the barrel is aligned with the lowest cylinder) .45LC (Long Colt, lengthened ammunition made by colt which has similar ballistics to magnum ammo). It was built by his brother Knives, who owns an identical black version. It was recently repaired by gunsmith Frank Marlon.

Other than this there's not much I can tell you about this gun from the pffical data, so I'll put up some history and technical data.

The .45 long colt cartridge were introduced by colt around 1873, along with the .38LC (which was discontinued), the famous colt peacekeeper SAA (Single Action Army) M1873, was chambered in it along with the .44 40 (.44 caliber, 40 grains of black powder)

The revolver itself uses a mechanism similar to the old Webly, Smith and Wesson Schofield and other break to revolvers.
(smith and wesson schofield cutaway)

You can see in the above image how the ejector works, the ejector arms are held down by a spring, when the top is swung forwards the internal catch forces the arm up, and ejects the cases, (according to the original schofield manual HERE the extra weight and length of the unspent bullets holds them in the cylinder)

(The extractor is visible here)

The main technical difference in Vash's gun is that the barrel is aligned with the lowest chamber in the cylinder when firing, this, along with the angle of the grip and the compensators at the end of the barrel reduce muzzle flip considerably, in fact if anything the the weapon should be thrown downwards when firing instead of up.

In practice the main problem with a weapon like this would be arranging the hammer so that it struck with enough force and the extractor would have the barrel in the way, but rest assured; if you should ever want such a gun, I have already devised a solution, just add money.

Vash's gun Manga (Vash/Knives, Trigun)

Vash holding the weapon

A model of the gun

Pretty much everything about Vash's gun in the Anime goes for this weapon, except since this was designed solely by the artist it is not as technically sound in reality. The cylinder appears to be out of line with the barrel, and this gun is IDENTICAL to Knives', in the anime Knives' gun has the lever to release the forward frame for reloading on the right side this making it left-handed, and Vash's is on the left, in the manga both are meant to be fired left-handed, nevertheless Vash shoots with his right.

Wolfwood's pistol (from Trigun)

The pistol used by Wolfwood in the Trigun anime appears to be a customised Colt 1911
(usually in .45ACP although many varients of different calibers are known)
The difference between this custom and so many others is the single-handed cocking mechanism,
In place of the front of the triggerguard, is a cocking handle connected to the slide, which may be used to cock the gun with one hand
This idea is not new, it has been around since around 1915, the most recent pistol to use it was the Chinese NORINCO model 77B.
Reportedly the finger cocking mechanism is largly pointless because of the difficulty to draw it back, a very strong index finger is required,
Evidently Wolfwood does not mind the drawbacks, he has eight of them.

Cross Punisher (Wolfwood, Trigun)

This thing is huge, and heavy. It's heavy "Because it's so full of mercy" The cross can be divided into the points of the cross. The long section is the barrel of a machinegun, one of the horizontal pieces is ammo for the built in gun, the other horizontal piece stores 8 of wolfwood's .45 Caliber handguns, and the shorter vertical piece is a Rocket Launcher.
A truly impressive weapon indeed, I can't tell you any more of the properties of this weapon because of my inability to find a region 2 Trigun Dvd

Casull (Alucard, Hellsing)

Joshua, BFG (Big Frickin' Gun) in .454casull

Joshua is the first custom handgun made by Hellsing, specifically designed by Walter. It's essentially a very big gun handgun, with a length of 39cm. It's chambered for the mighty .454 Casull round, which finds use primarily in hunting large game, such as deer and bears. Of course, these bullets are special, being made out of silver obtained from melted holy relics, with an exploding property as well, making for a rather devestating cartridge against the legions of the night. The clips only hold about six rounds, seven with a shell in the chamber

The Casull is based believed to be based upon the colt 1911 or its varients, however I have notices that it bears a greater resemblance to Early model Colt Pistols).

Colt model 1902

Note the similarity in slide an frame profile, in particular the frame underneath the end of the barrel.
In order to fire the .454casull it probably has a strengthened frame to manage the recoil and higher pressures.

Also, If you look at the first image of the weapon, you'll notice the hammer is not fully cocked, and is moving back as he pulls the trigger, meaning a double action mechanism, the pivot trigger is another indication of this, the early colt were all single action.

The lengthy barrel and slide give this gun incredible accuracy and the weight at the front of the gun makes the massive round significantly more controllable. And the touch of anarchronism from the use of an anitique firearm suits an immortal like Alucard perfectly.

Jackal (Alucard, Hellsing)

Jackal was made after Alucard's first encounter with Anderson - in fact, it likely was specifically designed with him in mind, considering the 'Jesus Christ is in Heaven, Now!' engraved on the side. Though the gun looks essentially the same, with the same overall length of 39cm, it's radically different, being made from pure silver, weighing 16kg. Obviously, no human could possibly use this gun. The breech also faces the left, instead of the right, though its clips can hold the same amount of bullets that Joshua's are capable of. The bullets are different as well, being a slightly bigger 13mm, with a gold casing, a reinforced core for armor penetration, and each bullet being baptized. Of course, they still share the same explosive quality.

This gun is beyond belief, literally. No 13mm round is produced, meaning each bullet mst be manufactured by hellsing, not a good the for extended field work, but Alucard is a big boy and I'm sure he can take care of himself.

I'm a bit curious as to how this weapon can weigh 16kg when a full size 7.62X51mm medium machine gun only weighs 11kg, the weight is probably necessary to control that 13mm round, though with a gun this heavy you could probaly fire a .50cal BMG (Browning Machine Gun) round and control it.

One must consider whether the weight also has the double function of stopping Seras from using it.

This gun was most likely completely ficticious, with the designers making a gun from scratch.
The pistol,in order to fire the massive round, is most likely gas operated(like the Automag and the Desert Eagle) as opposed to normal pistols which use simple blowback to operate. This gas operation allows it to fire the big Magnum rounds with little felt recoil, this principle, when scaled up the the 13mm roumds, would be a necessity, even for a vampire.

Hallconnon cannon (Seras Victoria, Hellsing)

This is the weapon that Walter gives Seras in Order5, Brotherhood.
The 30mm Hallconnon (I'm told that name has something ot do with "Dune") Anti-Midians cannon is almost hilariously oversized, but she soon handles it like a normal rifle (that's vampiric strength for you). This is how Walter describes it:

"The Hallconnon cannon uses two types of ammunition, one depleted uranium shells, the other; armour piercing explosive incindiary (that means they set fire to things) rounds."

The subtitles state that "It's combat effective against all ground and aerial weapons except main battle tanks"

In the next order (episode) Walter gives us some more details on the ammunition by telling Seras to fire the "incindiary shell with VT bursting charge, 4 RED" (with four red meaning the designation on the case bottom for easy distinction in combat)

It is effecively an artillary piece scaled down to the size of a massive sniper rifle, in order to describe the mechanism, we will divide the weapon into two parts:

Loading action
The lower reciever contains the pistol grip, stock, mechanism, firing pin and rear sight. The second part consists mainly of the barrel and forward sight.
The barrel is connected to the lower reciever by an hinge at the front of the lower reciever. To reload the barrel drops down at the forward end and moves up at the rear end, exposing the breech end of the barrel where spent cases are removed and fresh shells inserted (like a double barrel shotgun except with one, much larger barrel.

Luke Valentine's gun (Luke Valentine, Hellsing)

Luke's gun is an M1 Garland with cut down barrel and stock to give it a pistol grip, Luke carries two of these hidden in his jacket and uses them to but a pair of bullet in Alucard's head, for all the good that does.

The M1 was originally the standard issue rifle for the US Military, but later was replaced with the lighter and generally better M14. For its time, the M1 was a good gun - it boasted a semi-automatic, eight-bullet clip of .30-06 ammunition (each clip much be expended fully before reload), with enough durability to survive the rigors of warfare.

Yan Valentine's gun (Yan Valentine, Hellsing)

The P90's appearance is unconventional, with an odd downward ejection port, but it's one of the more prized military SMGs, having formidable penetration power with the FN 5.7mm bullet, an rate of fire of 900 RPM, and even boasts a horizontal clip that lies on top of the gun, which carries 50 bullets. Jan's version is considerably customized, first having part of the stock and handle removed, with a more conventional pistol grip placed instead, which allows for duel wielding, the original p90 was more geared toward two handed firing from the shoulder. A silencer has been added, along with an underbarrel laser dot sight. Of course, his eye sigil also adorns the side of the weapon.

Incognito's MGL (Incognito, Hellsing)

Alucard describes this weapon as an "armscor 40mm MGL" (Multiple Grenade Launcher).
Armscor are a South African (South Africa is country, not an area of the continent) arms company, among their products is this 12-shot grenade launcher.

the mechism is similar to a double action revolver, a grenade is fired using the double action (presumably) trigger and the drum rotates to fire the next on, shot are loaded through an opening in the back of the drum housing because the drum is fixed on its axis.

The weapon does not fire normal explosive grenades (though a wide range of ammo can be used, Incognito loads this with special shell contain multiple dart like objects (which must have some magical property beacause Alucard describes it as "magic from the dark continent").

This is an image of the amunition, as you can see the 40mm grenades have been modified with odd, double helix flechettes, which spread like a shotgun but with better penetration, Incognito's seems to have worked some dark magic on them too.

Orbo gun (Various members of the STN-J, Witch hunter Robin)

The Orbo gun is a weapon used by agents of the STN-J, a governmental group of witch hunters.

This weapon uses Orbo in it's ammunitiom, either solidified or in capsules. Orbo is a semi-gelatinous liquid which restricts a witch's power and provides resistance to their abilities.

This gun has no blowback action and appears to use compressed gas to propell it's ammo. The canister on the rear end of the gun could either be storage for the compressed gas or orbo in liquid form.

The are three ports on this weapon like a compensator, however unlike regular compensators which divert the gases from a bullet upwards and/or to the side to counteract muzzle rise from the slide moving back, only one of the ports on this weapon points upwards, the other two point downwards and to the side (like the points of a triangle). Since footage of usage of these weapons shows visible muzzle rise, so my only theory is that those ports are designed to simulate an ordinary gun (bit daft if you ask me)

CZ-100 (Major Motoko Kusanagi, Of Ghost in the Shell)

The CZ-100 is a double action only 9mm pistol (also in .40S&W) produced in the Czech republic
It is the favoured weapon of the Major.
It is used to assassinate the ambassador From Gabul in the pre-credit sequence, and later she is seen loading it in the police van.

The double action only mechanism means that the firing pin is inert until the trigger is pulled,
This means that the gun will not discharge if dropped, but it causes a heavy trigger pull, not a problem for a cyborg though
The weapon also features a "single handed charging device, which allow the slide to be caught on a solid object (e.g. a belt, table, etc) and cocked
Otherwise the design is somewhat symilar to its predecessor, the CZ-75

Mateba revolver (Togusa, of Ghost in the shell)

Mateba model model 6 (hunter varient)

Mateba M207 (Masamune Shirow picture)

Togusa's revolver is something of an enigma,
While it has been clearly identified as a mateba revolver, the exact model has caused some confusion. (at least for me)
The above images are of Mateba revolvers, the model 6 is the real-life one, and the M207 is the one from GitS (Ghost in the shell)
I assume that the M207 is a Shirow adaptation because it is not featured on Mateba arms' website

The Mateba revolver comes in .357 magnum, .44 magnum and .454 casull and the Mateba company is based in Italy.
The barrel on the Mateba is aligned with the lowest round in the six shot cylinder, This reduces muzzle jump in firing,
which allows for better accuracy, however this is not the most interesting thing about this gun.
What is truely astounding is that this is a semi-automatic revolver,when a round is fired, part of the barrel moves back, recocking the gun, like in a semi-auto pistol.
Normally, in a revolver, the hammer just drops straight back into the inert position.
This gives a significantly lighter trigger pull on follow up shots, but at least .357magnum ammo must be used for the mechanism to work properly.
Lower power loads than those the gun was designed for may not generate enough blowback to operate the mechanism.
another oddity is that the the cylinder hinges upwards instead of to the side, and this can cause problems during reloading, I would recommend using a speedloader
All in all, a very unique weapon
retails for around $700, in all good gun shops today!

Kaneda's laser cannon (from Akira)

The laser weapon Kaneda wields in his battle agaainst Tetsuo
Very little information exists on the weapon, so I took this data from an "Autumn Blade" RPG site (like D&D in the future).
There it existed under the name : "ARASAKA HLR-12X", the following text accompanied it:

"Arasaka once again leading the way in weapons research and development have created a true battlefield laser rifle. While still in experimental stages and unknown to the general public, Autumn Blade has managed to get ahold of 9 of these weapons, and are taking bids now. It operates from a heavy battery belt, and has a variable setting dial, allowing it to either fire 20 shots on low power, or one shot when cranked up to maximum power. Recharging the battery belt takes 6 hours. (3d6 for 100 3 second shots on lowest setting, 3d10 for 10 3 second shots on medium setting, and 9d10 for 2 3 second shots on maximum setting.)"

Desert Punk's Winchester 1897 (Desert punk)

Desert Punk is an anime Gun Nut's dream (occasionaly a rather damp one) and a wide variety of classic firearms make an appearance.

The titular character uses a classic Winchester 1897 pump action 12-gauge shotgun, later modiffied with an extended magazine tube which holds an extra round in addition to it's standard capacity.

Punk uses a variety of specialist ammunition to get the job done, including 'blinder' flares, smoke grenades and shotgun grenades (some shotgun ammunition like this is actually available, but not to civillians)

A interesting little tidbit is that due to the post-apocalyptic nature of the Desert Punk unniverse, all the weapons in the show are replica's of the excavated from ruins and certified by the government as suitable for civilians. Hence most of the guns in the show are replicas of replicas, and the so called 'First replica' are prized for their quality of manufacture.

Desert Punk's M40A1 (Desert punk)

Desert Punk saves up enough yen to purchase this fine weapon in the fourth episode. It is immediately destroyed by some asshole looking to challege him.

What a waste.