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10/05/10 Has it really been two years since I updated?, the Hive over at IMFDB seen to have taken my business, the philistines. I'm currently in the process of redesigning and rewriting the entire website, so watch this space, but not too closely.

19/07/08 Added some of the weapons from desert punk to the anime guns section.

11/07/2008 Well I watched Desert punk recently and It has revitalised my interest in weapons of minor to intermediate destruction.

Also I may be moving the site to a private webhost. 420 pageviews today and 11629 in the past month. No wonder they never cut my bandwidth.

30/08/07 I am still alive and some day I will update this site

Today is not that day...
Tomorrow isn't looking good either

07/10/06 Added some of the newer weapons shown for MGS4

15/07/06 Added Dan Smith's revolver from Killer7

11/03/06 Removed the counterstrike and medal of honour page due to pretty flagrant copyright breach, I am proceeding to replace all copyrighted images with those in the public domain

Also, added some Firefly/Serenity pieces

15/02/06 Added Naked Snake's 1911

29/12/05 Added internal linking in the Games section, no new material yet

23/12/05 Started a major update today, began by adding links to individual articles in the Anime section, once I have those in all the sections I'll start updating data and images.
That is of course, unless something untoward happens, or I forget.

I also checked the stats for this website, nearly 10,000 viewings in the last month! I had no idea this place was so popular.

24/09/05 Added S.T.A.R.S. handgun and Solid Snake's MGS4 rifle

02/09/05 cleaned up the links and added a return link to someone who linked to me

12/07/05 Added Orbo gun from Witch hunter Robin and updated the image for Spike's pistol

23/06/05 Updated the data for Vash's revolver

22/04/05 Added the Davy Crockett from MGS3

20/03/05 Added The Boss's patriot, The End's Mosin Nagant and Ocelot's makarov

19/03/05 added Hellboy's gun to movie guns and a little more to Incogmito's grenade laucher

18/02/05 Added Seras' gun

17/02/05 I changed the banner text and updated pics for Dante's swords

24/12/04 Christmas day tomorrow and boy do I have a pressie for you, A whole new section! the pics of mine may be crap and blurry, but I bet Bush already has plans to attack me and confiscate my weapons of mass destruction.


04/12/04 Jeez, time really catches up on you dosen't it, well I'll be back in business when I get some requests, I may put up a personal armoury section, showcase some user weapons

08/11/04 Yeah I know, I'll start fixing this site up soon, promise

17/06/2004 added Yuna's gun form FFX-2, and an "other" section of weapons

15/06/2004 Added FF8 guns doing some more Anime now, moved all Counterstrike guns to a new section to reduce loading times.

11/06/2004 Added a couple more to game guns, would REALLY like some anime requests

10/06/2004 added some more to game guns and finally stuck some stuff in movie guns
But you knew those two guns would definitely be first

09/06/2004 added even more to game guns, home you're happy, my fingers hurt.

08/06/2004 Added stuff to the game guns section, no requests yet

07/06/2004 added stuff to anime guns, anything at all you want to talk about, E-mail through contact link, nothing in other catagories

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