Game Firearms

Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2
Irvine, Final Fantasy VIII
Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII
Dante, Devil May Cry
Agent 47, Hitman
S.T.A.R.S. Resident Evil
Steve Burnside, Resident Evil:Code Veronica
Barry Burton, Resident Evil
Dan Smith, Killer7
Revolver Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid
Snake/Raiden, Metal Gear Solid
Iroquois Pliskin, Metal Gear Solid 2
Gurlukovich Soldiers (Tanker), Metal Gear Solid 2
RGB6, Metal Gear Solid
Stinger, Metal Gear Solid
The Boss, Metal Gear Solid 3
The End, Metal Gear Solid 3
Major Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid 3
Davy Crockett, Metal Gear Solid 3
M1911, Snake, Metal Gear Solid 3
Operator, Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4
M4 Custom, Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4
AK-102, Metal Gear Solid 4
M14EBR, PMC snipers, Metal Gear Solid 4
Kazuya,Tekken 5

Tiny Bee (Yuna, Rikku and Paine, Gunner dressphere, FFX-2)

This gun is not real, it never was, it was created by some squaresoft artist, therefore there is little information I can give you on mechanism or operation, what I can guess or assum I will post here.

The tiny Bee is the weapon that comes with the Gunner dressphere, Yuna, Rikku and Paine all have a different varient.
Yuna's is as pictured, Rikku has a compact short barrel version, and Paine wields a long barrel varient. All version have the same stats and attacks.
The Tiny Bee is evidently Al-Bhed made, with a partial slide and one of the wierdest hammers I have ever seen.

Any more info would be appreciated

Shotguns (Irvine Kinneas, Final Fantasy VIII)

Irvine is a sharpshooter, and uses a rifle to attack the enemy. This allows him to attack from long range, and his skills make sure he maintains accuracy. For normal attacks, these rifles require no ammunition. However, his Limit Break uses special ammunition items from the inventory.

Following are the Weapons monthly magazines text on each weapon

Guns have the advantage of range, but damage is less compared to swords. The Valiant uses powerful bullets to cause damage comparable to a sword.

The Ulysses lacks style, but is a quality rifle with tremendous firepower. The inelegant design was necessary to absorb the powerful recoil after firing.

Contrary to the Ulysses, the Bismarck has a sleek look. The rifle is very handy and light, but in turn, requires more physical strength and energy to handle its powerful recoil.

Exeter comes to mind when considering high-powered guns. Despite its simple design, it's a fine weapon made of many rare metals.

Vincent's weapons (Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII)

Death Penalty, Vincent's ultimate weapon

Vincent uses a wide variety of pistols and rifles throughout the game, although the names sometimes reflect real weapons, they weapons themselves have no relation to existing firearms, here are their names and stats for you.
(This is all I have, give me a break)

Following are stats for all Vincents guns

Quicksilver Long range weapon Attack: 38 Attack%: 110

Peacemaker Long range weapon Attack: 38 Attack%: 118

Sniper CR Long range weapon Attack: 42 Attack%: 255

Shotgun Long range weapon Attack: 48 Attack%: 112

Buntline Long range weapon Attack: 48 Attack%: 124

Shortbarrel Long range weapon Attack: 51 Attack%: 118

Silver Rifle Long range weapon Attack: 62 Attack%: 120

Lariat Long range weapon Attack: 64 Attack%: 120

Long Barrel R Long range weapon Attack: 66 Attack%: 255

Winchester Long range weapon Attack: 73 Attack%: 120

Outsider Long range weapon Attack: 80 Attack%: 120

Supershot ST Long range weapon Attack: 97 Attack%: 120

Death Penalty Long range weapon Attack: 99 Attack%: 115

Ebony and Ivory (Dante, Devil May Cry)

Very little information is available about these guns, So you'll relying on my skills as a Firearms identifier, Keep your fingers crossed

Ebony and Ivory appear to be heavily customised Colt 1911's, (Rather than the recent double action varient the Double Eagle.
Reasons are as follows
1. Safty catch matches the single action trigger intercept/slide stop safty catch of the 1911 instead of the decocker for the Double Eagle.
2. Trigger appears to be slide trigger used by single action 1911's instead of the pivot necessary for double action guns
3. 1911's are frequently customised and all frame details match a 1911.

1911's use .45ACP as standard, but are refitted in many calibers. The most likely calibers for Dante to use are 10X25mm (10mm auto) and .45ACP, the obvious reason is stopping power, I wouldn't fancy trying to kill demons with a gun loaded in a weak bullet like 9X19mm (as effective as it is on humans, those damn demons ain't human) Nothing bigger though without drastically redesigning the mechanism to the gun.

Despite being paired, Ebony and Ivory are not identical, aside from the colours, the other differences I will list here:
(In case you don't know, Ebony is the dark one, Ivory is the light one)

Ebony has Bo-mar rear sights (usually for target shooting), A long spur hammer for one handed cocking (cocking=moving the hammer into the ready to fire position. (charging=chambering a round into the chamber, usually in the same motion as cocking)
Ebony also has the normal 1911 long safety lever.
Ebony is probably more used by Dante for accurate shooting

Ivory has smaller sights (novak or MMC, you probably don't have clue what either are, but this is just for completeness), A shorter tactical safety lever and a nearly hidded bobbed hammer.
Ivory would, by this evidence, be more used for close range firing, in conjuction with Ebony for authentic John Woo shooting

Both wepons sport compensators to reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip in firing, Molded grips, custom slides and frames, Special engaving, And extended magazines (evidently blessed by the unholy directors of the Rambo films because reloading is never necessary),


Ballers (Agent 47, of the Hitman games)

The Hardballers (or Silverballers) used by agent 47, though not specifically stated, bear more than a passing resemblance to the AMT hardballers in .45ACP
The similarities beyond the name are mostly limited to the marking "101" on the side which is incredebly similiar to the AMT logo

The Hardballer was intended as a target pistol on a Colt 1911 frame, it has adjustable sights,and enlaged combat-style safety and slide-catch, a wide and adjustable trigger, a beveled magazine and a loading indacator

S.T.A.R.S. Handgun (S.T.A.R.S. members, Resident Evil series)

The S.T.A.R.S handgun, which sees use throughout the Racoon city incident, is a variety of the Beretta M9, the standard sidearm of the US army and favoured weapon of many police departments, in the US, and the French gendarme.

The M9 itself has a open slide design and uses the Walther falling block lock-up.
It carries 15 rounds of 9mm parabellum ammunition. The M9 was selected by the army affter rigouous survivability and accuracy test. These pistol have been further tuned by the Kendo custom gun shop.
Considering the accuracy of these guns and the range of engagement in the Resident Evil games, they should have no excuse for not getting first round head-shots, I'm pretty sure I could and I've never even picked up a real gun (curse you European gun laws)

Perhaps understandably the Beretta has been criticised for lack of stopping power on the battlefield, for a back-up weapon stopping power is important, but for a primary weapon it's paramount, it makes sense to equip Jill and Rebecca with these, the recoil's easier to handle and they shouldn't be seeing too much combat. But the boys should carry something a little meatier, or some rifles.

In Hindsight S.T.A.R.S. weren't very bright, only one man with a long gun in each team, only Barry carried a high stopping power weapon, most teams would go in with M4s of MP5s.

It's worth noting that Wesker has a slightly different model with under-barrel rails for the attachment of lights or lasers. Apparently the were some differences in each model but Chris, Jill and Rebecca all use the identical standard model

Gold Lugers (Resident Evil:Code Veronica X, Steve Burnside, Claire Redfield)

Paired Gold Lugers

Single Gold Luger

Two antique style guns made of gold which are used in a puzzle in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Steve Burnsode wields them as wepons for a while befgore upgrading to M-11'a (the .380, or 9X17mm Kurtz (short) ammunition version)

The Parabellum pistol was developed by Georg Luger in Germany, ca. in 1898. The Parabellum name comes from ancient Latin saying Si vis Pacem, Para bellum - if you want Peace, prepare for War. The Lugers' design is based on earlier Hugo Borchard idea, but Luger re-designed the Borchards' locking system into much smaller package. Most pre-WW II Parabellums were developed by DWM company in Germany, with some being manufactured under license in other countries. During WW II, many companies, such as Mauser werke and others, also produced Lugers.

All Parabellums are recoil-operated, locked breech, semi-automatic, striker fired handguns. All Lugers featured unique locking system, consisting of two tilting-up bars and short moving barrel. Some early Lugers featured automatic grip safety at the rear side of the grip. All lugers also featured frame-mounted manual safety at the left side of the gun. Lugers were manufactured with different barrel lenghts - standard german army Pistole 08 (Luger M1908) had 102 mm barrels; Navy models featured 152 mm (6 in) barrels, and Artillery models featured 203 mm (8 in) barrels. Commercial models were manufactured with barrels ranging from 98 mm up to 350 mm (14 in), some in 'carbine' versions, with additional forward handguard and detachable buttstock.

All lugers were very erconomical and accurate pistols, especially for the period those were developed in. However, all Lugers were too sensitive to fouling and for loose manufacturing tolerances, as well as too pricey, when compared to more modern designs, such as Browning High Power or Walther P38

.357 Magnum (and Barry's .44) (Resident Evil, original and Remake)

This version of the Magnum is the one Barry carries, and is a .357 caliber version of what is affectionately dubbed the "hand cannon". Very powerful, with the capability to take a zombie's head clean off.

The Magnum is a custom revolver firing .357 magnum bullets (or in the case of Barry's, .44 magnum bullets)
The only visual difference between them is a small signature on Barry's one which reads "B. Burton".

Because the original game describes it as a "Colt Python" I will give details on that, the only problem is that the Colt Python does not fire .44 Magnum ammunition but the larger and stronger Colt Anaconda does. Both guns are physically similar, except the python fires .357Magnum and the anaconda fires the .44Magum or the .45LC (long colt) depending on version

All Pythons were double-action, swing-out cylinder revolvers. Barrel featured vented upper rib and full-lenght bottom rib that houses full length extractor rod. Internal safety consist of Colt's patented transfer bar and cylinder stop (fixes cylinder when hammer is cocked).

The custom Magnum features a massive underbarrel counterweight to help control the powerful recoil and special sights for better accuracy

Taurus model 44 (Dan Smith, Killer7)

Through careful analysis (actually mostly pure luck) I have determined that the revolver Dan Smith uses for the majority of Killer7 is in fact a Taurus model 44 in .44 magnum with custom grips.

Reasons for this conclusion:
1. Frame and sight profile
2. Location and design of cylinder latch
3. Barrel shroud with ventilated top rip and full length underlug which slopes at end.

The Taurus model 44 is an affordable weapon made by Taurus of Brazil and retailing in the US at between $500-$600 new. (you'll have to find the custom grips yourself)

Dan Smith uses it to great effect and can fire a charge shot using up three vials of blood.

Colt Single Action Army, (SAA) (Revolver Ocelot, of Metal Gear Solid)

The Colt Single Action Army (also designated M1873, for the year it was adopted by the US army)
This is Ocelot's weapon of choice, he carries two of these, one in a holster on his back, another on a belt holster.
Ocelot adopted the single action army on the advice of Big Boss, during the Tselinoyarsk incident of 1964.

The SAA is a single action only revolver, this means that the hammer must be pulled back manually before firing each round. In a double action revolver (i.e. most modern revolvers) the hammer is drawn back and released by the movement of the trigger)
Spent rounds can only be ejected one at a time, through a single loading gate in the back of the cylinder

SOCOM pistol (Solid Snake and Raiden, Metal Gear Solid)

The SOCOM is the ideal weapon for Spec Ops, it was adopted in 1990 after a government request for an offensive handgun
with supressor and LAM (laser Aiming Module).
Heckler and Koch won the contest with a lengthened version of their USP pistol in .45ACP with one of the company's own
supressors, beating Colt, who used a Knights supressor. The H&K gun was adopted as ".45 Caliber pistol, MK.23 mod 0, but became known as the SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand)

According to "The Ilustrated Directory of Modern American Weapons" by Daivid Miller, among the stringent tests the weapon
had to pass were "Firing 30,000 rounds
before depot level maintenence, after which it must fire 30,000 more rounds. Weapons were also given accuracy tests after 30,000 rounds but before services, and all met the accuracy requirement.
Among the enviromental tests the weapon was required to be fired a +140 degrees Farenheit (60 degrees Celsius) and at -25
degrees Farenheit (-4 degrees Celsius) and after being submerged at a depth of 66ft (20m) for two hours in sea water. It was
also tested in surf, salt-fog, sand-dust, mud, icing and was fired when unlubricated and fouled".

Definitely a weapon worthy of the great Solid Snake

M4A1 (Solid Snake, Raiden, Navy Seals, Metal Gear Solid 2)

The M4 is a 5.56mm assault rifle carbine, it has an 80% commonality with the M16, it is favoured by Special forces units
because its short length allows ease of movement in confined areas.
Solid Snake's model is fitted with an M203 40mm grenade launcher sometime before the fight with the Harrier. Thje M203 is a single shot breech loading grenade launcher which fires HE (High Explosive) grenades.

It is likely Snake aquires this weapon from a deceased Navy SEAL, he uses it until the Tengu battles but it is confiscated after he is captured

AKS-74U (Gurlukovich army soldiers, Raiden)

The AKS-74U is a shortened version of the AK-74, which was itself a re-chambering of the AK-47 from 7.62mm into 5.45mm.
In its designation "S" denotes the folding stock, and "U" means "Ukorochennyj" (shortened).
The AKS-74U is unofficially known as a "Ksyukha" (variation of a Russian woman's name) or "okurok" (cigarette stub).

RGB-6 (Raiden, Metal Gear Solid 2)

RGB-6 40mm grenade launcher

On screen inventory icons

This Croatian weapon (which was introduced in 1996) has been copied from the South African Armscor MGL grenade launcher, it is manufactured to the same standards as it's South African cousin. However despite previous standards Croatia managed to acquire a contract to produce the weapon under license from South Africa. This in turn allowed them to have advisors from factories give them assistance in setting up their production facilities. As such-by 2000 these weapon were common in the Croatian military structure.

The RGB-6 has a six shot revolving cylinder, each chamber in the cylinder carries a standard NATO 40mm HE (High Explosive) Grenade.
Other than the upsized mechanism, the operation is quite similar to a revolver.

Stinger SAM (Surface to Air Missile) launcher (Raiden, Metal Gear solid 2, and Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid)

FIM-92A Stinger weapons system
The stinger is the US millitary's MANPADS (not an anti-chafing device, MAN Portable Air Defense System) designed for pesonnel defense against airial threats. The stinger consists of a resusable stock/grip which contains all the guidance equipment, and the missile/tube which contains a single missle and once this is fired the tube is discarded.

The stinger is a fire and forget weapon, once the missile has locked onto a target and been fired, the firer can move to another position, the is different from TOW (Tube launched, Optically tracked, Wire guided) where the fire must keep his sights on the target until impact.

The most sucess the stinger had in combat was when American supplied stingers were used by the Afgan Mujahadeen against the Soviets. (typical Americans, first they arm the Mujahadeen, than they start a war with them for possessing weapons)

Patriot (The Boss, Metal Gear Solid 3)

The boss firing the patriot

Image of the gun itself

The 100-round magazine

An assault pistol developed for The Boss, derived from the colt M16, similar to the XM177/Colt Commando, unlike the commando the stock has been removed, the jutting out cylinder at the back is for the bolt to move in firing. Uses 5.56mm x 45mm ammunition, the mechanism is the same as the M16, except much shortened in barrel length. The feeder mechanism inside the drum magazine forms a figure eight/infinity symbol shape giving it infinite ammo for some reason. becfause the barrel was cut down there's much more noise and muzzle flash while firing, as well as greater felt recoil, the boss still uses it one-handed though.

Mosin Nagant (The End, Metal Gear Solid 3)

The End

Sniper varient (the End replaced the stock with a folding stock and pistol grip)

The Mosin-Nagant rifle is a bolt operated, magazine fed rifle. It used an integral, single stack magazine, loaded from the clip chargers, with capacity for 5 rounds.
The End's weapon of choice. Adapted by The End from the M1891/30 adopted by the soviet military in 1891 ansd served through both world wars The sniper varient has a scope attached and the cocking handle was extended and bent down.

However the end has modified this weapon even further, the has sawn off most of the stock and added a pistol grip and a folding stock, possibly for use in parachute jumps, however some reports suggest the original grip design of the rifle was uncomfortable, and therefore inaccurate. Uses 7.62 x 54 Rimmed ammunition which is still in service some 110 years later, the end has also modified it to fire tranquilizer rounds.

Makarov (Major Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid 3)

Young Major Ocelot of the Ocelot unit of Spetznaz

The Makarov PM (Pistolet Makarova) evolved from the post-WW2 Soviet Army requirements for a new pistol, which should me more compact, more safe and with greater stopping power, compared to the old Tokarev TT-33 pistol
. First, soviet designers developed new cartridge, about as powerful as possible to use in a simple blowback design. The design of the new pistol was loosely based on the German Walther PP, one of the most successful pocket Double Action pistols of its time. In 1951, Soviet Army adopted the Makarov pistol as its new sidearm, and it continued to serve in this role until the end of the century, in 2003 it was replaced.

The Makarov PM is a simple, sound and inexpensive design, one of the best compact self-defense pistols of its time. While not extremely accurate and lethal at ranges beyond 15-20 meters, it is a formidable and reliable self-defense weapon. However Ocelot is a crack shot with this, and wields it offensively, he even bounces a bullet against a metal girder to hit an enemy hiding on a roof. After it jams he decides to use a revolver instead.

Davy Crockett (The Boss and Volgin, Metal Gear Solid 3)

In the Game Sigint describes this as being a mortar that fires nuclear warheads, in actuality its more like an RPG7, it uses the recoiless firing principle, whereby since the barrel is open at both ends and a force equal to the backwards recoild pushes the unit forward. Even though this cases it to los a lot of launch energy, it allows for a significantly large charge to be used, it's likele it also has a small rocket moto to help propel it.

The warhead carries the equivalent of between 10 and 20 tons of TNT (and that stuff's powerful) and every building within around 150 yards of the impact site is obliterated.

It's official designation is the M29 155mm Davy Crockett nuclear missile launcher.

Customised M1911 (Naked Snake/Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid 3)


(image:Sheriff Co. ltd. of Japan)

After Naked Snake's issue M1911A1 is destroyed by The Boss, Snake is given a customised 1911 by EVA.

The 1911 is a semi-automatic pistol in .45acp and boast a seven round magazine.
The in-game model is based off of a customised airsoft pistol made by Sheriff Co. ltd. of Japan.

The pistol features a feeding ramp which has been polished to a mirror sheen, to prevent feeding problems.
The original slide has been replaced with reinforced version which meshes perfectly with frame.
The frame itself has been iron welded and scraped down repeatedly for maximum precision. The frontstrap has been checkered to prevent slipping.
The sight system is original, it uses a 3-dot type with an enlarged front sight.

The original spur hammer has been replaced with a ring hammer which enhances cocking control and increases hammer down speed (decreases time between trigger pulled and hammer falling). The grip safety has been pinned in the recessed position. An extended thumb safety and slide stop have been fitted.
The base of the trigger guard has been filed down for a higher grip. A long type trigger with non-slip grooved has been installed and the trigger pull has been lightened to about 3.5pounds.
The magazine well has been widened to make reloading faster and the magazine release button has been recessed to make it more difficult to release by accident.

The orginal curved mainspring housing has been replaced with a flat mainspring housing to make the grip more comfortable and thus increase acccuracy. Stepping has been added on the mainspring housing to help to stop grip moving while firing. Lastly front cocking serrations have been added to make clearing and reloaded the weapon in combat easier (though many professional consider them to be of marginal value and wear away at the inside of their holster during carry.

After recieving the weapon from EVA Snake whittles down part of the grip to help him grip his knife at the same time in CQC.

The wepon was lost after Ocelot boarded the Wig and threw all of Snake's equipment overboard (pity)

Is available as a secret weapon in MGS4

Springfield Lightweight Operator (Old Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4)

(image:Springfield Armoury)

For Snakes newest outing he's kitted out with one of these. A fines weapon, if a bit pricy ($1500-$2000)

Customised M4 (Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4)

In the Trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 Snake is seen wielding this modified M4. It bears a foregrip, pistol grip, and collapsable stock coloured in desert camo plastic (these accessories are commercially available for your AR15/M16/M4 series rifle and come in all colours, yes that includes pink and purple)
Also visible are a flashlight mounted on the barrel and a red-dot optical sight mounted on the flat-top pictinny rail where the handle/rear-sight were located in earlier versions. Near the end of the trailer an M203 40mm grenade launcher with a hand-grip coloured to match the stock (these aren't AS commercially available) was attached

Other than that the rifle does not visibly differ from current production models, but a big surprise was seeing Snake use a knife in conjunction with it (having previously stated that he hates blades).

UPDATE 07/10/06

These are from the TGS06 game show. as you can see the M4 has been altered.
The coloured furniture and vertical foregrip have been deleted, and a different brand of red-dot sight has been implemented (aimpoint I believe).

Note the way Snake holds his knife on the fore-end to both steady the barrel and keep the the knife ready.

For those of you in the state who read this site like a catalogue (lucky git)you probably want to know what all the extra goodies are.


Base is a standard AR-15 with a 14.5 or so inch barrel, top rail, standard M4 six position collapsible stock and A2 pistol grip in coyote brown.

Knight's armament Co. M4 free-float RAS

PRI (Precision reflex .Inc)Flip Up Front Sight which replaces the front sight and gas block. about $180 (depending on external diameter of your barrel)

PRI rear sight attached on to the top rail ($135)

YHM (Yankee Hill Machine) Phantom flash suppressor (about $30)

Optional extras include:

-Knights armament vertical foregrip
-Trijicon Inc. ACOG 4X scope ($1050)
-Aimpoint COMPM3 red dot sight
-Knights Armament Masterkey (Short Barelled shotgun, know your local laws)
-XM320 40mm grenade launcher (Classified as a destructive device, know your local laws)

Now if after all that, someone builds it, you damn well send me a picture.

AK series (Solid Snake/Arab faction, Metal Gear Solid 4)

In the trailers, Snake is seen using this AK varient. Judging from the black plastic furniture, it is one of the AK100 series of recent manufacture.
The AK 100 series are a recent series of weapons by IZHMASH, Russia's main firearms producer. Using new manufacturing techniques and materials they are manufacturing this product-improved AK copy in variety of calibers, including 5.56NATO, 5.45mm and 7,62X39mm.

The mounted grenade launcher is a GP30. An unusual 40mm grenade launcher which loads it's ammunition from the muzzle.

M14 EBR(PMC sniper, Metal Gear Solid 4)

To those with sharp enough eyes, the rifle that the PMC snipers are using is A springfield armoury SOCOM II with a metal folding stock.

The SOCOM II is based on the M14, which is experiencing a refurgence in popularity among special force and private contractors as a designated marksmans rifes with superior power to the M16 series.

The SOCOM II is equiped with four tactical rails for accessories and is fully civillian legal in the continental US (with some state exceptions), so if you have $2000 to spare, Support your national industry.


My mistake, it's actually a Navy Issue Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, basically the same thing as an Regular Springfield Armoury SOCOM II or M14 rifle, but with a special stock.

Kazuya's pistol (Kazuya, Tekken 5)

This pistol that Kazuya carries as a customisable item is quite visibly a Tokarev TT 7.63mm pistol

The TT (Tula, Tokarev) was developed for the Russian army to replace the outdated Nagent revolvers in the mid 1920's. It uses a short-recoil swing link system copied from the Colt 1911 and a slightly modified version of the old 7.62mm mauser bullet.

It's quite possible Kazuya aquired this relic from war-trophies the Mishima clan aquired in WWII, despite it's age the TT is still a reliable and effective weapon, and is common among Russian civillians, even though are not allowed to possess them by law.